Memories of Kathy

I got to know Kathy during our senior year at East High School. We were cheerleaders together. There were 7 of us and we had the best time together! Kathy knew almost all the cheers, probably because her older sister, Betty, had been a cheerleader the year before causing Kathy to be more familiar with them. I was totally clueless about the cheers but Kathy was so helpful during the summer of 1966 when we met to learn them all. She was always cheerful and so patient!
Another memory I have of Kathy was in February 1971. She and her husband, Bill, were living in Frankfurt, Germany at the Air Force base there. My husband, Howard, and I were newly married and had been travelling around Europe for a couple of months but were ready to get back home to Colorado. Kathy was the only person either of us knew who were living in Europe at that time. They invited us to come for a visit and said they would take us to the airport the next day. That evening for dinner they thought it would be fun to take us to a local German pub. They were right! It was quite the experience! When we walked in everyone was having a great time singing loudly, rocking back and forth and slamming their huge, full, beer steins on the long wooden tables! Yes, it was an experience we never forgot, even 52 years later! Kathy was always up for having a good time!


MaryBeth (Gibbs) Johns

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